This is a list of my publications:

Explaining digitization

These projects focus on unpacking digital technologies. Here my co-authors and I explain how digital phenomena work and in what way they affect our lives. The goal is to empower everyone to be aware of the change around them and empower them to protect their rights and interests.


This edition of the widely popular information booklet series izpb explains the central phenomena of digitization. It provides an overview of the vast digital change across society both for students and the general public.

Guide Digital Debates: Algorithmic Systems

What exactly is an algorithm? The first part of the “Digital Debates” guide explains this in a comprehensible and differentiated manner.It also deals with the question of what artificial intelligence can and cannot do.

Guide Digital Debates: Algorithmic Discrimination

The second part of the guide deals with discrimination mediated by algorithms: What errors occur when algorithms are used? What does discrimination actually mean? What does it look like when it is caused by algorithms? The guide also presents practical examples.

Berzirkstour Berlin

The broschure accompanied the Berlin City Tour on Algorithms. Using exaples it provides and insight into where in our evreyday lives algorithms and machine learning are already applied.

Media Package on Artificial Intelligence

The media package explains what is meant by the term “artificial intelligence”. It looks at various scenarios, the state of the art, as well as opportunities and challenges. It makes frequent reference to the students’ everyday reality. The package is designed for students grade 7-13.

Media Package on Algorithms

The goal of the “Algorithms in our everyday lives” media package is to provide students with a general understanding of algorithms and algorithmic systems as well as their development and their impacts on society. The package is designed for students grade 7-13.

Practical guides and frameworks

Software developers need to understand how design decisions determine the societal impact of the technologies they build. Decision-makers, especially in the public sector, need to define public interest parameters for the design of algorithmic systems. Guidelines, handbooks and an AI Ethics Label are designed to aid them in ensuring a responsible use of technology.

This page shows a selection of the publications and materials I have worked on as a (co-)author, editor or contributor. You can also find a list of publications on my ResearchGate profile.