AI Red Flags

Software engineers often do not take ethical considerations into account in their daily work. This can be due to a lack of resources or knowledge and awareness. We would like to close this gap and offer a workshop which points out important red flags for software developers in order to avoid faults in their Machine Learning systems and thus avert discriminatory effects. The workshop focuses on discrimination and its causes, using real-life examples and interactive worksheets.

Through participation in the workshop, the participants

  • … learn what algorithms and Machine Learning are and how they function,
  • … get to know sources of error in algorithmic systems, which can be a cause of discrimination,
  • … get to know the peculiarities of algorithmically-mediated discrimination,
  • … understand how an algorithmic decision-making system can have discriminatory effects, using examples from the worksheets,
  • … classify sources of error and special features of algorithmicallymediated discrimination, using examples from the worksheets,
  • … learn which red flags to avoid in order to mediate or avoid discriminatory effects.